Laptop Technician, Laptop Production Line & Assembly Specialist

Laptop Technician, Laptop Production Line & Assembly Specialist


Job Outline:

a) Processing orders along the Laptop Production Line
b) Precise Installation of Laptop Componentry on various laptop models. Involves understanding the inner workings and orientation of laptop componentry; And the dis-assembly and re-assembly of laptop components and chassis
c) Technical and Quality Assurance Tests on the Installation Process
d) Troubleshooting laptop issues throughout the production process
e) Structured filing of paperwork and administrative end of day tasks

Non-formal Qualifications (Required):

- Extensive experience in the dis-assembly and re-assembly of computers and laptops.

- Extensive technical understanding on the inner workings of computers and the individual role each component plays.

- Extensive experience and an in-depth ability to troubleshoot and fault find throughout all levels of software and hardware.

- Ability to time manage and multi-task efficiently.

Formal Qualifications (Preferred):

- CompTIA A+ Certification

- Microsoft MCIPT Desktop Support Technician Certification

IT Channel is an established I.T. company and a pioneer in the Australian laptop industry with over 16 years as the market leaders. We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic laptop technician who is looking to make a long term career in a successful and growing business that is punctual, well mannered and has a pragmatic approach towards his/her work.

Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
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