Community Service Order Supervisor (356354)

Community Service Order Supervisor (356354) 4 weeks ago

Date expired: 
Fri, 03/23/2018
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements

Period of Appointment

Fixed term casual for 3 years

Hours per fortnight

Casual hours as required


  • Provide clear practical demonstrations in the type of work required for an offender to complete the requirements of their orders.
  • Initiate, liaise and maintain contact with stakeholders including pensioners, community groups, organisations and government agencies such as Councils receiving assistance from the Community Service Order Scheme, advise the appropriate Probation Officer of any change in their circumstances or needs and where appropriate conduct re-assessments of stakeholder project sites.
  • Transport people undertaking Community Service Orders and equipment to work sites as required and to ensure that equipment supplied is used safely, in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety Standards.
  • Complete, in a timely and efficient manner, all reports and documents in relation to management of people undertaking Community Service Orders and the fulfilment of their orders.
  • Monitor the Workplace Health and Safety of people undertaking Community Service Orders including:

    • Ensure the offenders are complying with Personal Protective Equipment requirements in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety standards;
    • Demonstrate the safe use of equipment such as lawn mowers, line trimmers and other general gardening equipment;
    • Apply basic first aid in emergency situations as appropriate and maintain the required First Aid qualification;
  • Monitor the work performance of offenders on project sites, respond to problematic behaviour if required and report any issues regarding near miss incidents or accidents.
  • Regularly inspect equipment used and report any required maintenance to the appropriate Probation Officer and identify and obtain parts and resources, perform basic maintenance on the equipment and ensure it is in safe and reliable working order.
  • Work autonomously with a diverse range of offenders, monitor attendance and demonstrate pro-social attitudes and behaviours.

Essential Requirements

  • Current Drivers Licence

The Head of State Service has determined that the person nominated for this vacancy is to satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer.

The following checks are to be conducted:

  1. Pre-employment checks
  • Arson and fire setting
  • Violent crimes and crimes against the person
  • Sex-related offences
  • Drug and alcohol related offences
  • Crimes involving dishonesty
  • Crimes involving deception
  • Making false declarations
  • Malicious damage and destruction to property
  • Serious traffic offences
  • Crimes against public order or relating to the Administration of Law and Justice
  • Crimes against Executive or the Legislative Power
  • Crimes involving Conspiracy

   2.  Disciplinary action in previous employment.

   3.  Identification check.                       

Applicants are required to undergo psychological and aptitude testing as part of the selection process.

Desirable Requirements

  • Current First Aid Certificate

Download the Statement of Duties and any Associated Documents

Download File Statement of Duties (Generic - casual) Community Service Order Supervisor.docx

Download File Statement of Duties (Generic - casual) Community Service Order Supervisor.pdf

Download File Information for Applicants (Community Corrections).doc

Download File Information for Applicants (Community Corrections).pdf

How to apply

Online applications are preferred, please click the blue Apply Now button. If you apply online please do not send a hard copy application as well.


Post your application with the following application form to:

Human Resources
Department of Justice
GPO Box 825

Download File Application for Employment (Form 201).DOCX

Download File Application for Employment (Form 201).pdf

For more information

Chris Cornell-McGleenan
Team Leader
(03) 6477 7176

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