Queensland Urban Utilities Overview

Level 2, 15 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

We are the fourth largest water distributor-retailer in Australia, supplying drinking water, recycled water and sewerage services to a population of more than 1.4 million in South East Queensland. Each year Urban Utilities; supply around 136,000ML of tap water to 524,000 residential dwellings and 37,000 commercial properties supply around 9,700ML of recycled water to 114 businesses remove and treat around 107,000ML of sewage from 500,000 residential dwellings and 34,000 commercial properties, including 5,400 trade waste customers respond to more than 24,000 written customer enquiries answer more than 290,000 customer phone calls- these services are delivered via their $5 billion infrastructure network. Source: this is an extract from the company's own website

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