Action Industrial Catering Overview

Se 1Nicholson Rd 146008SubiacoAustralia

Action Industrial Catering (AIC) was incorporated in 1995 as a quality oriented remote-area provider in Western Australia. A strong company ethos emphasising quality developed, and by 1997 AIC obtained its first ISO 9000 Quality Certification. In 1998 John Sells joined the AIC team as Director of Operations, bringing unique skills and industry experience, allowing the company to develop a crucial operations sector. Together with founding Director Owen Selman’s financial expertise, AIC entered Western Australia’s wider remote-site catering market. By 2001, AIC was a strong contender amongst mid-size caterers. This saw an ideological shift for the company focusing on value in commitment which remains an integral part of the business with both Directors continuing a dedicated, hands-on approach with all aspects of the company. Eight years on, AIC emerged as a leading catering and facilities management company. Today, it is recognised as one of the largest and is a principal standard for Quality Assurance in remote-site operations, with current ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

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